An open letter from the Managing Director, Letchmee Naidoo

To all Moms and Dads,

As one parent to another, I understand that we nurture and protect our children their whole life, until one day, they are all grown up and we have to set them free out into the world, to create their own path and build their own legacy. For most parents, that day has finally arrived where you have to allow your child to spread their wings as they embark on this brand new and exciting journey as a University Student. 

While our children might be excited, we as parents can't help but worry about them being all alone in a world filled with uncertainties and challenges. At RezMe, we aim to remove one of your biggest stress factors, and that's ensuring that your child finds a student residence that is safe, clean, comfortable and within your financial means. 

The reality for most parents is that unless you are able to view the residence, which most parents and students cannot, you will never know what you are signing up for until the day of moving in. More often than not, what you see online is far different from the reality of the residence advertised.  Sadly... there has been incidents where parents and students have paid deposits for properties that do not exist or has been fraudulently advertised. 

What we offer you is peace of mind!! 

At RezMe,  you will have a professional team, operating under a registered company who has partnered with an esteemed law firm in Port Elizabeth ... need we say more?!

Our team finds quality accommodation that is located in a safe and clean area.  We inspect all properties and should they not meet our standards of health, safety, cleanliness and comfort, we won't even tell you about them! We only select properties where owners take responsibility, and show accountability to place their students' well-being first.

Rest assured, we want the future leaders of this country to have a happy, safe and healthy university experience and the first step in achieving this, is to ensure that they have a clean, safe and comfortable space to wake up to each and every day! 


Letchmee Naidoo

Founder and Managing Director

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